A War Against War is War

A War Against War is War

Day 6 Money and The Law of Attraction
Pages 77-81

“Recognizing that you are the creator of your own life experience and learning to deliberately do so by directing your thoughts is an adjustment for most people, because most have long believed that you make things happen through action. Not only have you erroneously believed that action is what makes things happen, but you have also believed that if you apply pressure to wanted things, they will go away. that is why you have a “war against poverty” and a “war against drugs” and a “war against terrorism.””

Pushing against things will not move them out of your experience, that is not how the Laws of the Universe work. Abraham states “Attention to the lack of what is wanted causes it to increase  and come closer to you, just as focusing upon what is wanted causes it to increase and come closer to you.”

Living Abundantly is not “Magic”

Rather than pushing try relaxing into your well being with statements such as “I seek abundance, and I trust the Laws of the Universe; I have identified the things that I want, and now I am going to relax and allow them into my experience.” More of what you desire will come.

Enjoy today’s video where you will discover that telling a more positive, better feeling story about your life and the things that are important to you will cause change in your lives.


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