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The Awesomeness of Youth

Calgary Herald “Stephen Avenue became “Happiness Avenue” on Saturday afternoon as dozens of youth volunteers took to downtown Calgary to spread cheer and good tidings.” Spreading Joy and Celebration Youth can provide us all...


Do babies create their own reality?

Most people don’t think that new-born children could be the Creator of their own reality, because they are not even talking yet. But the Universe is not responding to your language anyway. The...


What is Tolerance?

It’s Tolerant Thursday – Learn to be more tolerant – judge less, love more.


Being Present, Here and Now!

Meditation “Explaining all the different meditation techniques based on my experience with Himalayan Yogis. This is wonderful as meditation does so much for us on all levels of body, mind and spirit. It...


Gratitude and your remarkable transformation

“In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a huge wave of gratitude sweeping the world lately. People are saying thank you and being more grateful than ever before. Is it because there are...


How to Find Your Purpose

Caroline Myss on How to Find Your Purpose Full article at My favorite quote: “Give it your all without being attached to the outcome” I truly enjoyed the message in this video...

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When: Thoughts are Powerful Things

“The words we speak are literal vibrations. Our thoughts, feelings and things we perceive as intangible exist physically on another frequency. What we say, think and feel are more real than we can...

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5 Steps to Quiet Your Mind

“Living with the Dalai Lama, surrounded by monks at Namgyal Monastery, and constantly encountering the most revered meditation masters in Tibetan Buddhism, one would assume that among my many admirable qualities I am...


Learning From Life’s Metaphors & Similes

Motivation to Grow – “You can look at life in many ways. Below are my favourite life metaphors and similes categorized based on the lesson it evokes. Depending on what’s going on in...


Reflections on a Philosophy

Reflections on a Philosophy by Forrest C. Shaklee Sr. We are enjoying the discovery of this powerful book.  The message is so clear and simple, yet missed by so many. One paragraph stood...