Guided Meditations

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Morning Motivator Guided Meditations

The following Guided Meditations are offered to help you learn to clear your mind and place you in a state of allowing. To take best advantage, simply sit quietly in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and listen to the instructions of the speaker on each meditation. Simply follow the voice, breath slowly and deeply, relax and allow it all in.


Getting Into the Vortex Guided Meditations

With Esther Hicks and the words of Abraham

Well Being Guided Meditation


Financial Well Being

Relationship Well Being

Physical Well Being


Guided Meditations with Lori Granger

Sitting With Breath — A Guided Meditation with Lori Granger, LMFT

Let Go : A Guided Meditation with Lori Granger, LMFT

“Be Present” – A Guided Meditation with Lori Granger

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