Neither Money Nor Poverty Makes Joy

Day 3, Money and The Law of Attraction

Jerry Hicks and Abraham gets right down to the topic that money does not make for happiness and neither does poverty. The fact of the matter is that if we can use our abilities to focus on what brings us joy; the things that make us feel good, and once you have achieved your personal state of happiness great things begin to happen in your life.

So the lesson is do the things that continually make you happy and life will become an incredibly prosperous for you. You can become a joyful creator. Abraham states, “You have to find a way of feeling the essence of what you desire before the details of that desire can come to you. In other words, you have to begin to feel more prosperous before more prosperity comes to you.

Needing money will not attract money.

Anyone who approaches financial goals from a position of lack will create more lack. There are power feelings at play that will outweigh any action you may take. Resulting in more lack.

The Power of Vibrationally Spending Vibrational Money

Abraham reveals a simple process to overcome your feelings of lack with a simple exercise to allow more money to slow into your lives. Enjoy the video!


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