Reflections on a Philosophy

Reflections on a Philosophy by Forrest C. Shaklee Sr.

We are enjoying the discovery of this powerful book.  The message is so clear and simple, yet missed by so many.

One paragraph stood out for me today and I post it here from Page 22.

“Knowingly or not, you are constantly using Thoughtmanship in your struggle for existence. My point is simply this: If you learn to understand what you are doing, life need not be a discouraging struggle.  In fact, it doesn’t need to be a struggle at all.  Why fight your way through life?  Life is not your enemy.  Life is a privilege! It is an enjoyable privilege — if you choose to make it so. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU LOOK. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU DO.  WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE!”

Life does NOT need to be a struggle, so why is it?  Because you have yet to choose to enjoy the privilege of this life and use Thoughtmanship to create and manifest all your desires.  Because your thoughts are randomly focused on what is wrong with what is instead of what is right.

Life is a privilege – once you know something, you cannot unknow it!

Every day, in every way, practice the art of Thoughtmanship. Work to fill your mind with happy thoughts and happy things and fill your thoughts with happy pictures and happy memories. Find thoughts that feel good and create images that match.

Thus is the secret to everything you desire … and even that which you don’t!

Decide that from this day forward, you will think on purpose and with purpose and let go of thoughts that don’t feel good.

Embrace each day with love.  Love each day you embrace.  It is yours to love.

Janet Legere



Reflections on a Philosophy by Forrest C. Shaklee Sr.

Don’t let the price of this scare you … you can find used copies for much less.



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