Dr. Wayne Dyer Tribute. 5 Profound Messages.

“We climb the ladder leading back to Source by recognizing our own divinity and aligning ourselves with the divine love that created us. ”

5 Profound Teachings

waynedyerDr. Wayne Dyer left this earth plane on August 30, 2015. In his spiritual wake his teachings will continue to guide us in understanding our true nature. “Dr. Dyer urged us to think of ourselves not as human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather. spiritual beings having a human experience.”

It is the way of it. It is the path to oneness, peace and an awakened benevolent world.

In this tribute to Wayne Dyer, author Deborah King reviews 5 examples of Dr. Wayne Dyers teachings that have helped her become a better spiritual healer. Please enjoy the article.

A Wayne Dyer Tribute – Climbing Rumi’s Ladder

Deborah King Shares 5 Of Wayne’s Inspiring Teachings

loveFriends and followers around the globe were saddened to learn that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer completed his work for this lifetime on Earth on August 30, 2015. The outpouring of love and gratitude will continue for a long time to come as people revisit his work and think deeply about the lessons he said he had come to teach.

One of Wayne’s favorite images of our life as humans came from a poem by Rumi: “The day you were born, a ladder was set up to help you escape the world.”

Here are five examples of Wayne’s message, which resonate closely with my own work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer:

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