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Meditation “Explaining all the different meditation techniques based on my experience with Himalayan Yogis. This is wonderful as meditation does so much for us on all levels of body, mind and spirit. It assists the mind to feel peaceful and less detached to the outcome of things.”

Being Present in the Now with Meditation

Meditation is a practice that can help you balance, center and remove the mental obstacles that get in your way. It can ease emotional and physical stress. You become peaceful and less attached to the outcome of things.

Meditation can be a very beneficial practice. However many of us have a difficult time in quieting our minds and letting go. Thank goodness there are several meditation methods that can be experimented with. In this article, Yogi Cameron Alborzian is an Ayurveda and yogic therapist and author explores various meditation methods.

Which one is best for you? That’s hard to say, its a personal thing. The one thing i do recommend is that if you are having trouble relaxing your mind while meditating try a different method.

Learn How to Meditate With Seven Simple Techniques | Yogi Cameron Alborzian

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I know what is best for me but do you or would you know which method is the best one for you? Meaning would you know how to pick a technique which would take you into a meditative state and what is so different about them all that it should even make a difference? Below I explain some of the main techniques out there today so you can understand how to move forward with the right one for you.

But before getting into the list one thing you need to first understand: methods vary because people vary in their attitudes, character and nature. So when coming to pick the right method of meditation you will have to fit the meditation into your nature and not try to fit your character into a certain technique. This will make you frustrated after some time because your nature is who you are and it will not change. When you fit your natural nature into the right meditation method you will feel certain ease and comfort in your practice. You will flourish.

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