Conscious and Deliberate Participation

Day 8, Chapters 14 & 15
Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires
Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham ) 2004

Some Things You Knew Before You Arrived

Abraham begins with a reminder that when we decided to have a human experience in this time-space-reality, we came knowing that as creators whatever we asked for would be given. We came to experience the joy of directing source energy into the specifics of our personal life experience knowing that Source would flow though us.

You also knew (pages 71-74)

  • By always reaching for the feeling of joy, or Well-Being, you would always be moving toward that which you desire
  • Your work was (is) to direct your thoughts, and that in doing so, your life would unfold
  • You would experience immediate emotions to help you understand the direction of your thought, and that your emotions would instantly tell you if you were, in any moment, moving toward or away from what you desired
  • And you also knew that there would not be an immediate manifestation of any thought, so that you would have ample opportunity to mold, evaluate, decide, and enjoy the Creative Process

You always hold the power and control of personal experience. This is absolute! If for some reason you are not living your desire is because you are giving the majority of your attention and emotions to something other than what it is you want. The Law of Attraction always delivers to you the essence of the balance of your thoughts. There are no exceptions.

Emotions provide clarity. As such you will always be aware, in any moment whether you are moving away from or toward your goal.

Conscious Participation

Life is so much more satisfying when you are able to consciously and deliberately participate in the Creative Process and in your own expansion.

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