Is Spending Money Comfortable?

Is Spending Money Comfortable?

Day 8, Money and the Law of Attraction
Pages 86-90

Think about this for a moment. Do you freeze up? Do you hold on to your money and spend sparingly to make it last?

This creates a feeling of shortage and eliminates or slows the flow of money into your life experience.

How Do We Change Our Point of Attraction?

Do you ever have the feeling that you may have run out of time to manifest abundance in your life? After all many of us have been telling our stories of what we don’t want for so long… and getting what we don’t want!

You cannot go back and repair all you negative thinking and would really do you no good. You will learn in this recorded session that all your power is in you NOW. More importantly you learn how to shift your focus of what you do want into your creative now.

No matter what level of success or your current lot in life, practice creating from the NOW and watch the money flow into your life.

Your Standards are Yours to Set

Are you feeling insecure, when who you really are is someone who is secure? Inadequate? When who you really are is someone who is adequate. Are you feeling lack? When who you really are is someone who is abundant.

In order to flow money into your life you have to be in alignment of who you really are.

We invite you to watch today’s replay and discover how to change your set of standards and alter your point of attraction to created an abundant flow of money into your life. You may even get very comfortable at spending and sharing your abundance with others.

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