Its a Feeling!

Day 10, Exerpts From Chapter 18 & 19
Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires
Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham ) 2004

You Can Gradually Change Your Vibrational Frequency

This is an extremely powerful message today, for it answers the questions on how you can choose to be in a “better-feeling” place than you are now. It takes deliberate action and conscious control of your experience. And it all begins with the gradual adjustment of your vibration.

Reach for the Best-Feeling Thought You Have Access To

So how do you change your frequency, or thoughts?  Abraham provides the following example, “Choosing a different thought will always produce a different emotional response. So you could say, “I will deliberately choose my thoughts so that I can feel better.” That would be a good decision for you to make. An even better decision, and really, an easier one to make is: “I want to feel good, so I will try to feel good by choosing a thought that does feel good.”

In addition Abraham cautions against decisions that are a big jump in reality. For example if you decide to follow your bliss when you current focus is a life situation that is nowhere near bliss, then the Law of Attraction cannot deliver a thought which holds such a dramatic change.

Water does not boil the  moment you place it on the heat. Its gets there gradual. Similarly the Law of Attraction can be mastered it simply takes incremental steps.

Today’s recorded session also covers the following topics;

  • Only You Can Know How You Feel About You
  • Life Is Always In Motion, So You Cannot Be “Stuck”
  • Others Cannot Understand Your Desires or Feelings
  • No One Else Knows What Is Appropriate to You

You can learn to manifest the good things missing in your life, enjoy today’s video and remember to share.


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