Law of Attraction Day 16

Fortunate Friday

“Fortunate indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself, and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can use.” Peter Mere Latham

Be Fortunate!

Definition of FORTUNATE: Receiving same unforeseen or unexpected good, or some good which was not dependent on one’s own skill or efforts; favored with good fortune

Law of Attraction Day 16

The Morning Motivator with Janet Legere – Today is Fortunate Friday Can Attention to Medical Procedures Attract More?/em>

Abraham: “When you give your attention to something, your potential for attracting it is increased. The more vivid the details, the more attention you will give it, and the more likely you are to attract it into your experience. And any negative emotion that you feel as you watch such a thing is your indication that you are negatively attracting.”

Excerpts from ‘The Law of Attraction; The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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