Take Inventory of Yourself with 28 Questions You Should Answer.

Think and Grow Rich copyrightOrganized Planning the Crystallization or Desire into Action

The Sixth Step toward Riches

Take Inventory of Yourself with 28 Questions You should Answer.

“Annual self-analysis is an essential in the effective marketing of personal services. as is annual inventory in merchandising. Moreover, the yearly analysis should disclose a DECREASE IN FAULTS, and an increase in VIRTUES. One goes ahead, stands still, or goes backward in life. One’s object should be, of course, to go ahead. Annual self-analysis will disclose whether advancement has been, made, and if so, how much. It will also disclose any backward steps one may have made. The effective marketing of personal services requires one to move forward even if the progress is slow.” Page 144, Think and Grow Rich

“Your annual self-analysis should be made at the end of each year. so you can include in your New Year’s Resolutions any improvements which the analysis indicates should be made. Take this inventory ty asking yourself the following questions, and by checking your answers with the aid of someone who will not permit you to deceive yourself as to their accuracy.” Page 145, think and Grow Rich

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