Trading Freedom for Money

Trading Freedom for Money

Day 7, Money and the Law of Attraction
Pages 81-86

In your quest for abundance and financial freedom are you losing a great deal of freedom as trade-off? If you are one with an abundance of free time, do you resent it because you have no money and find it impossible to enjoy? It is rare to find someone who has money and the time he invests to enjoy it.

Feeling Negative with Respect to Money?

When you are thinking of money in ways that make it come to you, do you feel good? Or do you feel while you are asking that it will not come?

He Didn’t Struggle for Money?

Do you believe you have to work hard for your money? Are you tired of struggling and doing what your told? Wouldn’t you rather learn to work less and earn more?

Those are just a few of the life changing gems you will find to in today’s recorded online session with Janet Legere.

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