What If You Don’t Feel Poor? Will Abundance Find You Quickly?

Day 4, What If a “Poor” One Doesn’t Feel Poor? Money and the Law of Attraction, pages 69-73

Jerry starts this session off by asking Abraham, “If others are noticing you and comparing you to themselves come to the conclusion that you are poor but you don’t feel poor, then you wouldn’t be in a state of lack; and so you would be able to move quickly toward more abundance in that case, right?”

If you feel abundant… abundance comes. Yours thoughts create your reality.

How do you feel when you compare yourselves to others? Are you angry at others because they have lots and you have none? Are you wanting more money but doubt you can do it? You are out of balance and will continue to bring to you exactly what you have.

Listen in and discover how to find alignment within yourself to allow abundance into your life. Enjoy!

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